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Debt Recovery through the County ir High Court for Businesses

There is a wide range of prices for debt recovery for businesses.

Our standard charging rate is £200 plus VAT per hour. The fee estimate varies depending upon the complexity of the matter, the anticipated amount of time it is likely to take and whether the claim is defended or not.

For Initial Advice work, fees ranges from £500 plus VAT to £1,000 plus VAT. If a barrister is required, the barrister’s fees will be in addition and range from £1,500 plus VAT for an opinion to several thousand pounds for representation at court.

With Debt Recovery and Litigation in simple or wholly uncontested cases, fees can range from £1,000 plus VAT for starting the court recovery process to £7,000 plus VAT in complex cases or where enforcement proceedings are necessary.

If the case gets to a final contested hearing, barrister’s fees will be incurred in addition which tend to start from £1,750 plus VAT per day, for reasonably straight-forward cases.

In addition, Court fees are payable for the issuing of a court claim. See link below:


Booking a Court hearing can incur a court fee of between £255 for a short hearing up to £1,090 for a trial.